This Is a Dictatorship - Spanish edition

This Is a Dictatorship - Spanish edition


'Así es la dictadura' was first published in Spain more than 40 years ago. For many years the country had been ruled by the dictator Franco. He had died just a few years before. The aim of this book was to help the children of Spain understand more about the impact dictatorship has on people’s lives. 

While these words were written in 1977, it is still important to learn about dictatorship and its dangers. This is why in 2015 the Spanish
publishing house Media Vaca republished this book with new
illustrations by Mikel Casal. The same year it won the most prestigious award at the International Children’s Book Fair in Italy

Since then, the book has been published in more than ten languages. 

If the story in this book seems all too familiar to you, it means that while a lot of time may have passed, very little has changed. We hope that one day dictatorships will be a part of the past, and that all people will live in a free and democratic world.

You can find the English-language edition here.

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