Our giclée prints

In the past seven years we’ve been collaborating with highly-acclaimed illustrators from around the world, whose work often is sitting in private and museum collections.

To make their artwork available outside these collections—and our picture books— we’re now offering high-quality prints of selected illustrations. We have found the right partner who can print colour-perfect reproductions of the originals and ship these prints to anywhere in the world, at no extra cost.

To ensures the highest level of quality we have opted for giclée printing. For a print to be called a giclée, it has to be created using

  • coloured pigment-based inks
  • a wide format inkjet printer
  • high-resolution scans of the original
  • acid-free archival paper stock

The word ‘gicler’, which means ‘to spray’ in French, refers to the way the large inkjet printers squirt or spray microscopic dots of pigmented ink onto high-quality, archival paper. This technique ensures the quality of our prints is as close to the original artwork as possible. 

Thanks to the pigmented inks and the archival paper the fine art is printed on, giclée prints have an archival life of minimum 80 years. You can safely hang them in full sunlight without danger of the colours fading or the paper stock disintegrating.