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Little Wise Wolf

Illustrated by Hanneke Siemensma
Translated by Laura Watkinson
£6.00 £12.99

{ O N L Y  5  C O P I E S  L E F T}


Little Wise Wolf has time for only one thing: reading books. All right, two things: at night he studies the stars. When the other animals come to him to get answers to their difficult questions, Little Wise Wolf has no time for that. Until one day, a raven appears. The king turns out to be seriously ill, and Little Wise Wolf is called on to use his knowledge to make him better again. On the way to the palace it turns out that, although Little Wise Wolf may know a lot about the things he has read in his books, and seen in the stars, he has a lot to learn about the outside world.

A magnificent story about a little wolf, who slowly realises he may not be as wise as he thinks he is, and that the world is much bigger than that contained within his books


An original book, brilliant for those who enjoy stories about a journey. We loved the unfolding of the plot, the muted colours of the illustrations that span each double-page spread and the intriguing journey maps in the endpapers. {Books for Topics}

An introspective, sophisticated picturebook, as we have come to expect them from Book Island. {Library Mice}

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Ages 3+
Format Hardback
Origin The Netherlands
Pages 40
Publishing date September 2018
Size 290 x 240mm