The winners of our Illustration Competition are...

Many thanks to everyone who's taken part in our illustration competition over the past month. The daily stream of entries showed very clearly how well many of you know our picture book list. 

Below you can find each illustration, with the matching cover, and the name of the winner underneath. 

DAY 1: Illustration from Witchfairy, by Carll Cneut 


Winner: Charlotte Clark 

DAY 2: Illustration from Follow the Firefly, by Bernardo Carvalho


Winner: Ceire Hopley

DAY 3: Illustration from One House for All, by Juris Petraškevičs


Winner: Sue Thomas

DAY 4: Illustration from The Umbrella, by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert


Winner: Richard Charlesworth

DAY 5: Illustration from Virginia Wolf, by Isabelle Arsenault


Winner: Kate Dummett 

DAY 6: Illustration from Emmett and Caleb, by Delphine Renon


Winner: Stephen Connor

DAY 7: Illustration from The Rabbit and the Shadow, by Mélanie Rutten


Winner: Clare Andrews

DAY 8: Illustration from Mr Postmouse Goes on Holiday, by Marianne Dubuc


Winner: Christopher Browning

DAY 9: Illustration from The Lion and the Bird, by Marianne Dubuc


Winner: Ruth Wellman

DAY 10: Illustration from Mr Miniscule and the Whale, by Bohdan Butenko


Winner: Mandy Abel

DAY 11: Illustration from What Does the Crocodile Say?, by Eva Montanari


Winner: Lena Knight

DAY 12: Illustration from The Golden Cage, by Carll Cneut


Winner: Naomi Thompson

DAY 13: Illustration from Bernie and Flora, by Annemie Berebrouckx


Winner: Meredith Jones

DAY 14: Illustration from Azizi and the Little Blue Bird, by Mattias De Leeuw


Winner: Kerry Dunnaway

DAY 15: Illustration from Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich, by Pieter Gaudesaboos

Winner: Sarah Harmon

DAY 16: Illustration from Here Comes Mr Postmouse, by Marianne Dubuc


Winner: Sevil Özer

DAY 17: Illustration from The Big Question, by Kaatje Vermeire


Winner: Sandy Horsley

DAY 18: Illustration from Up the Mountain, by Marianne Dubuc


Winner: Simone Goward

DAY 19: Illustration from Fox & Goldfish, by Nils Pieters


Winner: Laura Roach

DAY 20: Illustration from Mum’s Jumper, by Jayde Perkin


Winner: Beth Jackson

DAY 21: Illustration from Little Wise Wolf, by Hanneke Siemensma


Winner: Angela da Cuña

DAY 22: Illustration from Sir Mouse to the Rescue, by Marjolein Pottie


Winner: Charlotte Taylor- Smith

DAY 23: Illustration from It’s My Pond, by Sarah Ardizzone


Winner: Catherine Little

Thank you to everyone for entering! 

Unfortunately, there were many more entrants than books to give away. To make up for that, we offer everyone the chance to order books from our website at 20% off the RRP, with free shipping. Just use voucher code COMP20 at checkout before Sunday 17 November. (Offer limited to the UK.)

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Until next time, happy reading!